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The Nouns Blockchain Review aims to platform novel and creative nounish ideas written by a full host of nounish thinkers. From well-known and tenured thought leaders in the crypto space to first-time publishers still in undergrad, Nouns Blockchain Review wants to publish your work, proliferate the nouns brand, and continue The Nouns Virtuous Cycle.

Types of Content We’re Seeking

The Nouns Blockchain Review welcomes a wide variety of content types and content creators that align with our mission. This includes:

  1. Nounish Research: In-depth analytical articles or studies investigating various aspects of the NounsDAO ecosystem and blockchain technology more broadly.

    1. Example: Nouns — Hyperscaling a Brand & Treasury From Zero, Nouns Dune Dashboard by Hildoby

  2. Nounsih Frameworks: Conceptual models or structural outlines that propose new ways to understand, analyze, or use blockchain tech or events in a nounish context.

    1. Example: Nouns DAO and the Philosophy of Governance

  3. Musings: More casual or conversational pieces that offer thoughtful insights or reflections on blockchain tech and generally nounish thinking. This might include opinion pieces, blog-style posts, or personal narratives.

    1. Examples: Oversimplification of Nouns to help others understand Nouns, We Like the Nouns

  4. Theories: More abstract or speculative pieces that propose new ideas or hypotheses about blockchain tech or its nounish applications.

    1. Examples: The Gnarly Feedback Loop

  5. Satire: Humorous drawings or writings that use irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to critique or comment on trends, events, or phenomena in the blockchain space. This could be a humorous take on a recent trend in NFT trading, for instance.

    1. Examples: The Evolution of the Internet, Bee’s Drawings, Sartoshi Drawings, AnimatedMfer Drawings,

  6. Stories: Narrative pieces that tell a story related to blockchain technology and the nounish concept. This might include profiles of key figures in the blockchain world, case studies of successful blockchain projects, or anecdotal accounts of particular experiences or events.

    1. Examples: 'Shark' – by Lachlan Pendragon,

  7. Memes: Visual or textual content that encapsulates popular or trending ideas, concepts, or sentiments in the blockchain community in a humorous or catchy way.

    1. Examples: This Wilson Cusack Meme

  8. And More: The Nouns Blockchain Review is open to other forms of content that align with its mission and interests. The publication encourages creativity and innovation in its submissions.

Submissions and Criteria

Submit your work here: forms.gle/tddH7DkoERraUwpVA

The criteria for submissions to be published in the Nouns Blockchain Review include the following:

  1. Relevance: The content should be related to the field of blockchain technology, with a particular focus on the concept of "nouns," as per the publication's unique mission. This could mean focusing on NFTs, smart contracts, decentralized applications, or any other blockchain use cases and development that can be metaphorically described or examined through a "nounish" lens.

  2. Originality: The submitted work should present novel and creative ideas. It should offer fresh perspectives or innovative solutions to existing challenges in the blockchain space. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.

  3. Quality of writing: Submissions should be well-written, engaging, and easy to understand. They should communicate complex ideas effectively to both experts and newcomers in the blockchain sphere.

  4. Verifiability: Any factual claims made in the submission should be backed by reliable sources. Authors should demonstrate a sound understanding of the topics they discuss.

  5. Alignment with the Nouns Virtuous Cycle: The work should in some way contribute to the continuation or expansion of the Nouns Virtuous Cycle, as outlined by the publication's mission statement. This could involve showing how nounish thinking can lead to advancements in the blockchain space, for instance.

The approval process for submissions might look as follows:

  1. Phase 1: Centralized Process

    1. Initial Review: An editor or a group of editors review the submission for relevance, originality, quality of writing, verifiability, and alignment with the Nouns Virtuous Cycle.

    2. Peer Review: The submission is sent to a second reviewer or group of peer reviewers with experience in the field. They evaluate the merits of the article.

    3. Revision: The author is asked to revise their submission based on the feedback from the peer review.

    4. Final Approval: The submission is reviewed one final time by the editors. If it meets all criteria, it gets approved for publication.

    5. Publication: The approved article is published in the Nouns Blockchain Review.

    Phase 2: Distributed Process

    1. After a few publications, we aim to further distribute the publishing process. In this way, the Nouns Blockchain Review can gradually transition from a centralized to a decentralized publication process, involving the community more directly in deciding what content gets published. This aligns with the blockchain's ethos of decentralization and community governance.

This process ensures that the Nouns Blockchain Review publishes high-quality, relevant content that both contributes to the field and aligns with the interests.

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